Toula Smith

Certified Yoga Instructor/Owner

For 20 years as a runner looking for an emotional outlet and a calm to overcome my anxiety,  I was continually disappointed.  While running was an excellent exercise, time and again, it left me with an adrenaline high.  Rather than a feeling of calmness, I would have the driving feeling of more is needed.  This vicious cycle of more is better and yet never feeling satisfied was getting the best of me.  In searching for the calm that I desperately needed, I found Yoga…and it was life-changing.

This new experience and calm sensation that I found is like a morning breath of fresh air.  Breathe, the Art of Yoga was born out of my genuine desire to help others get out of the vicious cycle and the chaotic lifestyle and enjoy life’s experiences in a whole new way.  I sincerely invite you to make my studio “your studio” where you can find strength, energy, clear thinking and a calm that you are yearning for.

My passion is now to help others.  Let me guide you.


Kim Insley

Certified Yoga Instructor

Kim Insley is a gymnastics instructor, seamstress, and the mother of three daughters.  Because of the physical demands her jobs put on her body and the enormous challenges of motherhood, Kim turned to yoga as a way to get in shape and “blow off steam.”  She was stunned at how much yoga changed her life.  Her practice, which consists of hot and power yoga, has made her stronger and more balanced on every level.  After years of suffering from low-back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, she discovered the amazing healing power of hot yoga.  These transformations in her own body and life made her realize that she needs to share the physical and emotional benefits of yoga with others.  In 2013, she earned a 100 hour hot yoga certification as well as a 200 hour power yoga certification and is now guiding her students to a more balanced life.

Sean Smith

Certified Yoga Instructor

Sean began practicing yoga in 2004, as a way to heal a neck injury. Within weeks,
she noticed a shift in her mind, body and spirit. Sean believes that yoga creates the harmony and balance she needs, and wants in her life.

She completed her 200-hour RYT in 2012, and Life Coaching with Debbie Williamson. She has had the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops with, Dave Farmar, Adrienne Hengels , Kate Quinn and Phillip Urso.

Sean believes that moments on our mat translate to amazing moments in life. By practicing yoga, we create space for BIG possibilities, as we let go of mediocre choices.
Yoga brings to the students exactly what they need, when they need it. It is from this philosophy, that Sean’s passion for teaching began.



Beth Brombosz

Certified Yoga Instructor

Beth began her yoga practice in 2011 when she began to train for her first half marathon after reading about beneficial yoga can be for runners. Adding yoga to her routine helped her running and her mental focus and helped her recover from her hard runs more quickly. She also fell in love with the sense of calm and well-being that yoga provided her and tries to carry the lessons she learns on her mat with her every day.

Marianne Torres

Certified Yoga Instructor

After working in the finance industry for a good decade, Marianne left the corporate world to raise her three children in Naperville, IL. Marianne admits to two passions – her family and physical fitness. After dabbling in long distance running, gym cross training, spinning, group classes, and instructing at a local barre studio, Marianne re-discovered yoga about 6 years ago.

She was drawn to the discipline of yoga, its emphasis on breathing and proper body alignment, the mind/body connection, and the overall rejuvenating feeling after a particularly invigorating class. Over the years, Marianne practiced under many wonderful teachers in many different styles of yoga (Hatha, Baptiste, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Anusara, Jivamukti) and in the spring of 2013 completed her 200-hour RYT certification and registration with Yoga Alliance.

Marianne’s classes are playful and challenging, drawing inspiration from the many styles, encouraging her students through a practice that embraces breath as the link between body, mind, and spirit. Marianne loves working with yoga “newbies” and designs her class to help you de-stress and escape the madness of everyday life by bringing the focus inward. Come prepared to sweat, work hard, smile a little, and leave feeling connected, refreshed, inspired and cared for.

Catherine Drumm

Certified Yoga Instructor

After attending yoga classes that were Baptiste Power Vinyasa in September 2008 Catherine began to realize she’d come across something life-changing. The feeling of getting a great whole body workout as well as the mental benefits of slowing the mind thoughts and “letting go” became a way of life quickly. In May 2011 she completed her 200 hour teacher training at Prairie Yoga in Lisle. This training was rich in alignment focus and Catherine likes to highlight this in her teaching. “There is no greater joy than witnessing the growth and change in a student who was initially intimidated to walk through the front door!” Catherine lives in Naperville with her husband Mike and two sons.

Sophia Skrzypczynski

Certified Yoga Instructor

Sophie began practicing yoga in 2009 as a way to feel grounded. She believes that on her mat is where she can let everything go. Ever since her first class she has used yoga as a way to stay connected with her mind and body.
Sophie began teaching at Breathe in 2012 and has found herself deepening her personal practice through teaching. In 2014 she received her 200-hour RYT with Toula Smith.
She has learned that the challenges we face on our mat are a direct reflection of the things that hold us back in our lives. Sophie teaches students to recognize that yoga is both on and off your mat. Her passion is to make students recognizes how strong they truly are inside and out.

Taunya Lady

Certified Yoga Instructor

Taunya has experienced a joyful mix of professional dance, yoga and fitness/aerobic training for the past 25 years which she has applied in her work as instructor, personal trainer and studio owner. She received her 200 hour training in Baptiste style power yoga two years ago and has been teaching at several private studios in the Naperville area. Her dance background both as instructor and professional performer has enhanced her awareness of alignment and technique in yoga practice and she loves to help draw out the inner power and life dancer present in everyone. Her goal is to help students understand that yoga practice and philosophy is life changing from the inside out.

Her background includes 15 years as a Jazzercise franchise owner, which involved personal weight training sessions, dance choreography, children’s classes and specialty classes involving pilates and yoga. She has also incorporated additional educational courses in physiology and anatomy and specific training in prenatal yoga which she practiced daily with the pregnancies of her five children. Her additional fitness hobbies include swimming, running, biking and cross country skiing. Four of her five children are in their crazy busy teen years involved in dance teams, ballet and music.

Her best friend and husband of 27 years is retired from the Air Force and still works with military families and organizations with financial educational programs. Her family has lived in more than 10 different locations and lives one adventure to the next!!