Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Stressed or anxious? Do you dream of having energy, toned muscles, flexibility, less stress and a sense of calmness?  We are here to help you!

Yoga is a physical body workout and a mental clearing.  All ages and all skill levels are welcome.  This is about you – young, not so young, beginner or experienced – you will feel comfortable in our studio.  We will guide you, and you will decide how much or how little is appropriate for your workout.  Breathe, the Art of Yoga is not about competition.  It’s about you being comfortable in your environment.  Don’t be hesitant – come in and try us, you’ll be glad you did!

At Breathe, the Art of Yoga, your dream can become a reality.  You can experience this life-changing calm.
Soon you will be basking in the benefits of Yoga and sharing them with your friends.  Your increased flexibility, toned muscles, increased energy, and of course, less stress will radiate to those around you.

Build Community

You are beautiful, so celebrate yourself and be an encouragement to others in a class of your choice.  Be comfortable, confident and calm in the community that you will build and enjoy.  Release stress and experience the freedom that follows.  Yoga should be as unique as you are, yet universal in its purpose – all at the same time.  We gather for a common purpose and our individual uniqueness customizes and builds community.

We Make it Easy

Since it’s all about reducing stress, we make it easy for you.  Forgot your mat?  No worry.  Forgot your water bottle?  Not a problem.  At Breathe, the Art of Yoga, we will always have what you need.  Let us take care of the details; you just need to show up.  Mats and towels will always be available, as well as, bottled water, fresh fruits and snacks – all free of charge!!!

For additional information about our services, classes, or techniques,  Contact us or stop in today!